In Loving Memory Of...

Clifford M. Peterson
August 28, 1928 - February 13, 2004

This page was created as a dedication to honor the memory
of a truely Special Person for all of Eternity.
On February 13, 2004; Devoted Husband, Beloved Dad and
Good Friend to all, Clifford M. Peterson passed away.

Cliff was sick for a long time, but Faith had it that
He would be here no matter what hardships
He had to endure through
His amazing strength and will power.
Unfortunately, Dad did not make it this time.
The intense battle was fought
but we could not win the war...

Clifford has now joined Our Beloved cat,
Puff (1979-1997), in Their Journey Home !
Mom and I hope to be reunited someday
with Them in another life!

We Love & Miss You... :'(

Your Wife & Son,
Emperia & Greg (a.k.a. Count Gregula)

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