Creative Team

Founder/Owner/Graphics Designer/Writer/Photographer/Ghoul vith Fangs
Count Gregula
Contact info: CountGregula@aol.com
Website: Count-Gregula.com

Crypt Queen/Assistant Graphics Designer/Assistant Writer/Assistant Photographer/Demonic Angel
Countess Gregula
Contact info: CountessGregula@aol.com
Website: Countess Gregula's Facebook

Children of the Night/Baby Bats
Igor, Figor, Shegor & Megor

Crypt Crew Dismembers/Location Reporters/Assistant Photographers/Tasty Mortals
Greg & Linda

Count Gregula's Crypt Producer/Editor/Director/Cameraman/Thumb
The Freaky One
Contact info: TheFreakyOne@freaky-frights.com
Website: Freaky Frights

Contributing Photographer
Michelle LaRose
Contact info: aerochyld@aerosmith.mu
Website: PhantomPhotography.com

Contributing Photo Creator/Grandpa Geo
George Kelly
Contact info: mungeo@msn.com


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