PENN & TELLER @ The Venue - 2012

Review by: Count & Countess Gregula

On June 8, 2012, The Count and I had the extreme pleasure of attending our very first Penn & Teller show. Since we both have been watching them perform on various tv shows since we were young, we kind of knew what to expect.

Yes, it is a magic show! However, there are no pulling of rabbits out of hats here, but plenty of illusions so amazing, it's almost scary. From losing an audience member's glasses and finding them on Teller's face after releasing his head from a block of material to a nail gun trick where Penn had to keep track of the nail count to avoid injuring himself, the audience was captivated and amused.

One unique thing about Penn & Teller is that they are willing to demonstrate how certain illusions are done. One involved Teller, a hat and a cigarette. The actual trick was done, then he turned to the opposite side and the illusion was revealed!

I don't want to say much more because the real magic is the element of surprise and the excitement of watching each of the tricks unfold before your very eyes in that live and interactive setting.

One last tip: Be sure to stay afterwards because at each and every performance (this is according to a friend) both Penn & Teller stay outside the venue to meet and greet the fans. They are very patient and will stay until every last fan has gotten a pic and autograph.

Two fangs up!

Details about Penn & Teller (June 8, 2012)
Location: Horseshoe Casino Hammond - 777 Casino Center Drive Hammond, IN 46320
Website: The Venue's Website

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