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CONAN in Chicago

Greg & Linda made it in the audience for TWO Conan shows at the historic Chicago Theatre! Appearing on Wednesday was Johnny Galecki and musical guests Kids These Days. Appearing on Thursday was Adam Sandler, comic TJ Miller and the return of Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog. Fang-tastic! Just in case you missed the shows in person or on TV, you can still watch all the action over at

The TBS Just For Laughs Chicago '12 comedy festival continues.

Set List

On Friday night, 6/15, at the Lincoln Lodge, we were treated to a unique live comedy show called Set List. Recently back from fests in Sydney, Melbourne and a run in London, this is the first time Set List has been brought to Chicago and Count Gregula's Crypt was there to report all the comedic hoopla!

The performance was a blend of improv with a bit of audience participation. The comedians performing are given random crazy topics on a screen which could be anything from Racist Shoulder Angel to Masturboredom, then form a comedy bit around that as if it were a part of their normal set. Add random band names written by audience members and a zany time is had by all.

Last nights 7:30 pm sold-out performance had two very special guest comics, Janeane Garofalo and TJ Miller, which was a big surprise for us. The show was fast-paced, hilarious and the different styles of each comic blended well into one awesome show.

We decided to stick around for the late (11:30) show, and there were a new set of comics who were equally funny. One comedian, Mike Lawrence, took matters into his own hands and instead of performing his set as suggested on the screen, he just took every single slip of paper with crazy fake band names written by the audience and made comments so hilarious I hurt my head from laughing!

The great thing about Set List is you never get the same show twice, the beauty of improv.
Count Gregula's Crypt highly recommends Set List when it comes to a town near you!

More festival coverage to come!

Details about TBS Just For Laughs Chicago 2012 (June 12 - 17, 2012)

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