Review of RACE at Goodman Theatre :


Review by: Count & Countess Gregula

In Goodman Theatre's production of David Mamet's Race it IS all in Black & Vhite!
Countess & I vent to see Race not really knowing too much about the play other than that it vas billed (on as a compelling crime mystery about two high-profile lawyers (one black, one white) that are called to defend a vealthy vhite client charged with the rape of an African American woman. Also, I read that Mamet leaves nothing unsaid in this no-holds-barred suspense story. Vell, that vas still not enough to prepare us for vhat ve vere about to see and hear on the stage!

The entire play takes place in a law office. There are just 4 actors that interact vith each other. Ve soon find out that there might be a crime that happened that involves a vhite man against a black voman. The dialogue holds nothing back to the imagination and is actually refreshingly frank and real for these times of "political correctness" and suppression of one's true feelings about race. At first I vas a little shocked by multiple uses of racial epithets, but then you realize that is how REAL people talk!

Tamberla Perry as Susan (from left), Geoffrey Owens as Henry Brown, Marc Grapey as Jack Lawson and
Patrick Clear as Charles Strickland in the Chicago premiere of Race at Goodman Theatre. (photo by Eric Y. Exit)

Although the subject matter is presented as a drama there vere elements of humor sprinkled throughout the play that made it very entertaining. Just be varned if you are easily offended by harsh REAL language then you need to live a little more because Race shows us that ve all have prejudices inside us no matter black, vhite or (as TV Horror Host Zacherley vould say) WHATEVER YOU ARE! ;-)

Two Fangs Up!

Details about
RACE at Goodman Theatre (Jan 14 - Feb 19, 2012 in the Albert)
Location: Goodman Theatre - 170 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-443-3800
Ticket Prices: $24.50 - $96.00

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