Review of THE ICEMAN COMETH at Goodman Theatre :


Review by: Count & Countess Gregula

Goodman Theatre's production of Eugene O’Neill's The Iceman Cometh is set in a flophouse in 1912 New York’s Bowery. The cast of characters are a ragtag band of drunks and dreamers bound together both by dreams of the glories outside the saloon doors and their excitement of the impending arrival of Theodore Hickman, "Hickey" to his friends, vho is a gregarious salesman and the biggest dreamer of them all. Vhen a newly-sober Hickey blows in with a renewed outlook on life, his zealous attempts to fix the lives of his old friends lead to a series of events that are at once devastatingly comic and heartbreaking—and a revelation that threatens to shatter the tenuous illusions that fuel their lives.

(Left to right) Salvatore Inzerillo as Rocky Pioggi, Brian Dennehy as Larry Slade, Nathan Lane as Theodore “Hickey” Hickman,
Lee Wilkof as Hugo Kalmar, and Stephen Ouimette as Harry Hope. (photo by Liz Lauren)

The Iceman Cometh is a HEX-cellent production! Brian Dennehy's performance is subtle, but appropriate for his character of Larry Slade. Nathan Lane is brash and divaesque as Theodore “Hickey” Hickman. Coincidentally, Lane turns out to be kind of a diva offstage too! Read on for the story.

Brian Dennehy as one-time syndicalist-anarchist Larry Slade & Nathan Lane as Theodore “Hickey” Hickman. (photo by Liz Lauren)

The approximate running time of the play is 4 hours and 45 minutes that includes 3 intermissions. The Iceman Cometh is long, loud, brass and bold! Most of the characters scream at each other in the vain that bar buddies of many years vould speak to each other in frank and often racially charged language. The performances of the ensemble of actors is very realistic and poignant for a group of lost souls vhose common interest is drinking and dreaming. Each scene betveen intermissions takes place in different parts of the flophouse. If you attend just one play this year be sure to see The Iceman Cometh for a night of intense emtions, comedic interludes and raging demons (my favorite)! A true MONSTERPIECE!

Chuck Morello (Marc Grapey), Cora (Kate Arrington), Joe Mott (John Douglas Thompson), Rocky Pioggi (Salvatore Inzerillo),
Pearl (Tara Sissom), Margie (Lee Stark) and Larry Slade (Brian Dennehy) share a gift basket. (photo by Liz Lauren)

After the play vas over, Countess & I vaited around to try to meet the cast and ve vere lucky enough to catch up vith both Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy. First, I shook Nathan Lane's hand and asked for a photo vith him. Lane turned around and said to me, "I'm not taking photos tonight. I just want to go to the party." NICE!!! Then after that little DIVA interaction, ve vaited for Brian Dennehy and asked him for a photo. Mr. Dennehy couldn't be nicer and vas gracious enough to pose for our camera.
As they say, a little bit of kindness goes a looong vay. :-)

Brian Dennehy & Greg after the May 3rd Opening Night performance of The Iceman Cometh. (photo by Linda Taylor)

Two Fangs Up for The Iceman Cometh & Brian Dennehy!
One Fang Down for Nathan Lane!

Details about
THE ICEMAN COMETH at Goodman Theatre (April 21 – June 17, 2012 in the Albert)
Location: Goodman Theatre - 170 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-443-3800
Ticket Prices: $61 - $133, subject to change

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