Comcast Cable Channel 10 in the Fox Valley, Chicagoland area that includes the following and cities / towns:

Aurora, North Aurora, Bristol, Oswego, Montgomery, Plano, Yorkville
and Sandwich.

Fox Valley, IL -- Comcast Channel 10

Count Gregula's Crypt (TM) MOVIE:  TBA


Count Gregula's Crypt (TM) is currently on hiatus till ve can film and edit
   more shows. Keep checking back here for the names of the upcoming movies
   ve vill be hosting along vith an updated schedule of times, dates and locations.

- Count Gregula, Countess Gregula & The Crypt Crew

All Count Gregula's Crypt character segments filmed
are the exclusive property of Count Gregula Enterprises
and are not to be copied, reproduced, or sold without the
express written consent of Count & Countess Gregula.
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