In Loving Memory of Al Lewis 
April 30, 1923 - February 03, 2006

Photos Courtesy of: Michelle LaRose, Grandpa Geo & Count Gregula

Vords can't express the feeling of sadness I have for the loss of Mr. Al Lewis.
However, I'm grateful I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Lewis along
vith Mr. Butch "Eddie" Patrick a few years ago at a very
special and unique Halloveen Munster Masquerade Party.
The surreal event also just happen to be held inside
of a replica Munster Mansion constructed from the ground up!
The pics above vere taken at that party from October 26, 2002 in Waxahachie, TX.
Al vas in good spirits and top form that night and I'll alvays cherish those memories.

Mr. Lewis was more than just an actor. He vorked as a basketball scout,
restaurateur and political candidate, but he vill alvays be
"Forever Grandpa" in my eyes for the rest of my life.
My sincerest condolences to Al's family during this time of grief.
I Shall Miss You, Grandpa! :'(

Munsters Fan Forever,
Count Gregula V^^^V

Sympathy cards may be sent to:
Karen Lewis
P.O. Box 277
NY, NY 10047

Al Lewis Tribute on TV

--- In, Svengoolie wrote: Our Me-TV station (Chicagoland area) will do a mini-marathon of Munster episodes in honor of the great Al Lewis this Sunday (February 12, 2005) afternoon- I think it's from 4-7pm. He was indeed a very funny guy, and passionate about the things he believed in. Another great "old-school" talent, of the like we won't be seeing again.

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